Property verification


Buying a property can be an overwhelming experience, both financially and emotionally. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that all the legal intricacies are absolutely unambiguous so that there is no legal hassle in the future.
The intricacies to be kept in check are:

  • Legal due diligence on the property by the buyer & an inquiry into the seller’s capacity to pay
  • Agreement to sell and earnest money
  • Execution of sale deed; possession, Registration and completion of payment

The real estate industry is a fast-growing one which makes it exposed to various fraudulent activities like forging, misrepresentation, etc.
Property verification is of two types:

  • Full search report
  • Limited search report

Property verification ensures that the property involved in business and purchase is free from disputes and lawsuits and hence offers a hassle-free property buying experience for you. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to buying property.

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